Archery Etiquette

A good archer does not:
  • Talk to another archer who prefers to be silent.
  • Talk in a loud voice or make an exclamation when others are on the shooting line.
  • Offer advice unless asked.
  • Exclaim on the shooting line for themselves or others, either in joy or disgust.
  • Touch another archer’s equipment without their permission.
  • Walk up and down the line comparing scores.
  • Go behind the target to retrieve his arrows before their score has been recorded.
  • Drop any litter.
  • Carry a Mobile phone on the shooting line.
A good archer always:
  • Offers to pay to replace someone’s arrow (or any other piece of equipment) if they break it through their own carelessness. (He / She Pays on the spot)
  • Helps to put out the equipment and put it away.
  • Helps to look for someone else’s missing arrows
  • Calls his score in groups of 3, e.g. 7-7-5 pause 5-5-3.
  • Pays cash on the spot if he breaks another’s arrow.
  • Thanks the target captain (scorer) at the end of the round.
Shooting Commands

ONE BLAST of the Field Captain’s whistle signifies that the range is clear and it is safe for you to start shooting.
TWO BLASTS of the whistle signifies that you must stop shooting and that it is safe to collect your arrows.
“Come down” means relax from a full draw position without shooting the arrow.
THREE BLASTS of the whistle signifies the end of the shoot. You must stop shooting and collect your arrows for the last time.

Archery Prayer.

May your arms stay strong
Your eyes stay keen,
You hit the Gold
and not the green.