WP_20160417_13_34_16_ProRecurve Bow

A bow that curves forward at the ends, which straighten out under tension when the bow is drawn.The bow is braced for use by a single string attached directly between the two string nocks only, and in operation is held in one hand by its handle (grip) while the fingers of the other hand draw, hold back and release the string. Weights for stabalising the bow and sights for aiming can be attached to aid the archer. There is a class of shooting known as ‘Barebow’ where no sighting marks or protruding stabilisers are permitted.





A bow popular in England in the middle ages, usually 6 feet or more in length and made of Yew wood or similar either “self”, “backed”, or “laminated” with cambered (stacked) belly and horn nocks. With the exception of the “self” bow, each limb of the bow forms a single simple curve from the handle to the nock when at full draw.





WP_20160417_14_18_53_ProCompound Bow

A bow where the string is attached to pulleys, wheels or cams in order to increase the kinetic energy when the bow is being used.