At Yeo Bowmen we practice the form of Archery knows as Target Archery. Whist other forms of Archery exist this is the only form of archery that the club currently offers.

Target Archery

Target Archery is the most popular form of archery in Europe and consists of shooting arrows from set distances at a standard size target (Both indoor & outdoors). In England the target has five scoring rings, Europe and the rest of the world it has ten scoring rings. The ideal outdoor archery range consists of a level area of closely cropped grass in a reasonably sheltered position. Target and safety zone at one end with shooting & waiting lines at the other. Set rounds are shot at set distances laid down by the governing body. (GNAS or FITA).

Field Archery.

Field Archery consists of shooting at bold animal figures, which may be coloured to add realism, upon which are superimposed the scoring rings. They are fastened to straw bales or other suitable backstops and set up in positions as varied and as ingenious as the organizers can devise. The ground selected for shooting is invariably rough and undulating amongst trees & bushes.

Clout Shooting.

The principal object of clout shooting is to shoot arrows high in the air to fall on a target marking on the ground at much greater distances than those used in normal target archery. A flag is used as the centre point.

Distances for Gents 180 yards (164.592 meters), Ladies 140 yards (128.016 meters) with Junior distances closer.

Flight Shooting

Flight shooting is a highly specialized pursuit with the sole object of reaching great distances – an exacting but extremely satisfying form of archery. Modern flight equipment is the result of advanced technological development and involves a short and powerful bow shooting slender lightweight arrows of special design. Arrows can travel over 917 yards. (838.505 meters)

Popinjay Shooting

Popinjay shooting is rarely seen outside the continent of Europe. The target consists of a series of wooden cylinders with feathers attached, variously called cocks, hens & chicks, set on a frame called a roost, on top of a mast 85ft high (25.908 meters).The object is to dislodge these ‘birds’, each of which has a score value. This is achieved by shooting blunt headed arrows vertically from the base of the mast.

Archery Golf

Archery Golf  is a match between archers and golfers the tee shot of the golfer is duplicated with a flight shot from the bow,  the approach shot is matched by shooting a standard target arrow, and the archer holes out by shooting at a white disc of card.

Archery Darts

Archery darts can be played against regular darts players. The archer use an enlarged target face patterned like a dart board and shoot at about 10 yards. (9.144 meters)The dart players use their normal dart board.



Please see. GNAS ‘Rules of Shooting’ Parts 3 -10 for more information on some of these forms of shooting.