Here are the highest scores for the rounds shot by our club members over the years.


  Recurve CompoundBarebow Longbow Max Score
 FITA   N. Roberts
(score)901 1440
 Double FITA
(score) 2880
Metric IIC. Lamprill
 Short Metric IIJ. Cunningham
 C. Lamprill
WA 1440 N. RbertsS. Hodges
WA 720 C. LamprillK. Knowles
Frost Bite D. BowerS. Hodges


  RecurveCompound Barebow Longbow  Max Score
 FITA J. Martin
(score)1225 1440
 Double FITA J. Martin
(score)247 2880
Metric II
 Short Metric II
WA 1440 Ladies G. Sobieraj
WA 720 S. MogridgeJ. Martin
Frost Bite L. Robinson


  RecurveCompound Bare BowLong Bow Max Score 
FITA T. Jackson
(score)1162 1440
(date)Before 83
 Metric IIS. Lamprill
 Long Metric IIS. Lamprill
 Short Metric IIS. Lamprill
Half Metric II  S. Lamprill
Frost Bite S. Lamprill
WA 720 S. Lamprill
Metric IVC.Trim