Here are the highest scores for the rounds shot by our club members over the years.


  Recurve Compound Barebow Longbow  Max Score
 YorkN. CowlishowS. Hodges R. Wallis
(score)8411135127 1296
 Hereford/ Bristol IG. ColemanS. Hodges1296
 Double Hereford
Bristol IIC. LamprillA. Sinclair
Bristol IIID. BowerA. Sinclair
 Bristol IVP. WiltshireR.Lewis
 St GeorgeN. CowlishawK. Knowles
 AlbionD. BowerK. KnowlesC. Hall
 Short Windsor
 New WesternD. BowerK. Knowles
 Long WesternN. RobertsS. Hodges
 WesternC. HallS. HodgesC. LamprillC. Hall
 Short Western D. Furby  A. Sinclair
 Junior Western D. BowerA. Sinclair
 AmericanD. Bower R. Lewis
 St. Nicholas
 New NationalC. WestS. Hodges
 Long National C. WestS. HodgesC. LamprillC. Hall
National C. WestR. LewisC. LamprillC. Hall
(score) 610 604429130648
(date)19865/08/07 05/05/1606/09/16
 Short NationalP. WiltshireK. KnowlesC. LamprillC. Hall
(date)17/05/1519/04/165/06/14  29/09/16
 Junior National S. Price  A. Sinclair
 Short Junior National   S.  Price 
 New Warwick J. Cunningham
 Long Warwick N. Roberts R. Lewis
 WarwickD. BowerS. Hodges R. Wallis
 Short Warwick    D. Furby  P. WiltshireD. Marden R. Wallis
(score)366298  135200432
(date)27/07/1420102011 27/07/14
Junior Warwick D. Bower   
 Short Junior Warwick S. Price P. WiltshireA. Sinclair
 Portsmouth W. Timbrel R. Lewis  C. LamprillB. Johnson


  RecurveCompound Barebow Longbow  Max Score
 YorkJ. Martin 1296
 Hereford/ Bristol IB. Fenton WilkinsonJ. MartinJ. Martin
 Double HerefordJ. Martin2592
Bristol IIC. Elston1296
Bristol III1296
 Bristol IVJ.Summer Hayes1296
 St GeorgeJ. Martin972
 AlbionS. MogridgeJ. Martin972
WindsorB. Fenton WilkinsonF.Lloyd972
 Short Windsor
 New WesternJ. Martin
 Long WesternS. MogridgeJ. Martin J. Martin864
(date)17/05/1520/07/14 07/09/14
 WesternG. SobierajJ. Martin J. Martin864
 Short Western864
 Junior Western
 AmericanL. Robinson
 St. Nicholas
 New National W. PitkinJ. Martin
(date)1978 10/07/16
 Long NationalW. Pitkin J. Martin
(date)1978 07/04/17
National B. Fenton-WilkinsonJ. Martin J. Martin
 Short NationalF. Lloyd
 Junior National S. Brand
 Short Junior National L. Robinson
 New Warwick
 Long Warwick J. Martin
 WarwickB. Fenton-WilkinsonJ.MatinJ. Martin
(date)8/06/2008 27/04/1718/09/16
 Short WarwickF. Lloyd
Junior Warwick J. Moody
 Short Junior Warwick E. Pickup
(score)220 432
 Portsmouth B. Fenton- Wilkinson J. Martin

Junior Gents

  Recurve CompoundBare bowLong Bow  Max Scores
York T. Jackson 
(score)983 1296
(date)Before 83
 Bristol IIS. Lamprill       
(score)1120 1296
 Bristol IV
(score) 1296
 St. George
(score) 972
 Albion T.Jackson
(date)Before 83
 Short WindsorW. Hodges972 
Junior WindsorC.Trim
 Short Junior Windsor 972
 New Western T. Jackson  864
(date)Before 83
 Long Western T. Jackson  864
(date)Before 83
 Short WesternW. Hodges 864
 Junior WesternS. LamprillC.Trim 864
 Short Junior WesternA. Veysey 864
(date)August 2015
American T. Jackson
(date)Before 83
 St NicholasW. Hodges 756
New National T. Jackson
(date)Before 83
Long National T.Jackson
(score)532 648
(date)Before 83
 NationalS. Lamprill
(score)350 648
 Short NationalW. Hodges C.Trim
 Junior NationalW. HodgesC.Trim
 Short Junior NationalC. Trim
(score)521 684
 New Warwick B. Summerhayes
(score)400 432
 Long Warwick
(score) 432
(score) 432
 Short WarwickN. Brown    
(score)331 432
Junior WarwickN. Brown B. Summerhayes Score 230 20/4/2008
 Short Junior WarwickC. TrimC.Trim
 Portsmouth      S. Lamprill   J. Loggage  C. Trim

Junior Ladies

 Recurve CompoundBare bowLong Bow  Max Scores
(score) 1296
 Bristol II
(score) 1296
 Bristol IV
(score) 1296
 St. George
(score) 972
 Short Windsor972 
 Short Junior Windsor 972
 New Western 864
 Long Western 864
 Short Western 864
 Junior Western E. Barlow 864
 Short Junior Western 864
St Nicholas C. Askill   756
New National
Long National
(score) 648
(score) 648
 Short National
 Junior National
 Short Junior National L. Barlow
(score)394 684
 New Warwick
(score) 432
 Long Warwick
(score) 432
(score) 432
 Short WarwickC. Askill  
(score)217 432
Junior WarwickC. Askill
 Short Junior Warwick L. Barlow
 Portsmouth L. Barlow