Club Library

Thanks to the generosity of Rob Lewis (An ex-member of Yeo Bowmen) Rob has donated the books below to the club, we now have a library of books that will assist us in shooting. Dave Furby is happy to give these books house room and act as Librarian until he runs out of shelves. If you want to borrow a book please contact him.


Archery Anatomy:
An introduction to techniques to improved performance.

Fundamentals of Recurve Target Archery:
A beginners guide.

Idiot Proof Archery:
Compound archery guide on How to Shoot Like a Pro (Even if you have a Real Job).

Precision Archery:
Some good tips on tuning.

The Archers Craft:
A sheaf of notes on certain Matters concerning Archers and Archery, the making of Archers Tackle and the Art of Hunting with a Bow.

The Crooked Stick:
A history of the Longbow.

The Great Warbow:
Lots of history, don’t fall asleep and drop it on your foot.

Total Archery:
Written by Kisik Lee (Korean and Australian Olympic Coach).

DVD’s & CD’s

GNAS Archery DVD – Archery Techniques:
Gives you tips of how to set up you bow as well as shooting tips. (Don’t get too comfortable you may fall a sleep).

Duties of a Field Captain:
Explains shooting field safety.