Last 50 Years

Over the last fifty years the club put on tournaments between 1974 & 1987. We have also shot at various venues, during the summer months we have shot at Summerleaze Park School grounds (Where the Preston Grove Surgery now is) but have now returned to Johnson Park where we shoot on one of the football pitches. In the winter we have shot at Preston School & Bucklers Mead School Sports Halls also an old barn at Lufton School & at St Michaels Hall. We are currently shooting at Yeovil Collage Sports Hall.

We have shot in Montacute House grounds. And had club shoots for Field and Clout shoots and Archery Golf at: – Cranmoor, Windwhistle & in farmer’s fields near Mudford & Yeovil Marsh. We have made long bows and wooden arrows with both able bodied and handicapped members, some of our shoots/tournaments have finished with a BBQ when the trophies have been presented.

One of our main achievements is to put on ‘Have a Go’ sessions at local Fairs etc. These include Yeovil Festival of Sport, Wincanton Festival of Sport, Yeovil Game Fair, Montacute House, Trent School, Countryside Cavalcade, St Margaret’s Hospice, Wessex Country Cavalcade and Kingsbury Episcopi May Fair we hope to continue to put an appearance at Sherborne Castle Country Fair.

We over the years have given the children of the area a chance to shoot during the school holidays we have put on ‘Have a Go’ events for them at Bucklers Mead School, Stanchester School & Mudford Road Recreation Ground. We have even taught the Boys Brigade and one of the local Scout Troops.

Over the years we have had a few coaches these are: – Graham Coleman, Brian Wells, Peter Wiltshire, Rob Lewis, Robin Lee and David Furby who is our current coach.

In the 1970’s we ran tournaments in Sherborne Castle grounds.

We also have had a Traditional Bow-making workshop both bows and arrows where made under the instruction of the primitive bow group from Bristol.

Clout shoots and Archery Golf have also been on the calendar and enjoyed by those who attended.

During 2000 we started a Web Site with thanks to Brian Wells & Dave Riggs

Since 2000/01 winter we have participated in Somerset Counties Postal Shoot. Both the Frostbite (Outside) and the Portsmouth round (Indoors).

During the Autumn of 2001 the club split after some disagreements, the members who left Yeo Bowmen went their own way. Yeo Bowmen continued to grow.

During 2003 and 2004 some of us attended the County Indoor Tournament at Langport   shooting the Portsmouth round.

During 2006 we started using the FITA beginner’s course with we are still using.

In August that year our club tournament took place in a field near Mudford and comprised of a Clout shoot, Field Shoot and Target shoot.

We sold our second container. Over the years we have bought new equipment to replace the worn out equipment. Lighter Bows for the beginners also arrows and bosses etc.

I think a big thank you should be given to the past & present committee members and all the many Chairmen, Secretaries, Treasurers & Equipment Officers etc. who have given hours of service to the club over the years.

Bought new trailer to replace the one Bert Cooper made many years ago which has gone to a good home. We put on a Frostbite shoot at in farmers field nr Mudford.

In the grounds of Montacute House and ran a ‘Have a Go’ event for the young National Trust Volunteer Group.

We now have banners etc to advertise our presence at ‘Have a Go’ events, look out for them when you attend Sherborne County Fair.

Our Junior Archers have taken part in GWAS Juniors Postal shoot (Portsmouth) round or 20 yards when it was running.

Also we have over the years participated in various sponsored shoots for various charities.

We are still mainly a Target archery club at distances between 20 yards and 100 yards, but do shoot at different disciplines from time to time. We continue to hold Beginners courses giving the public chance to join us if they so wish after successfully complete the course and hopefully we will continue to grow attracting new members each year.

Over the years we have had club tournaments. Some of the results as follows:-

1996 Hereford Round

Gents Recurve Champion – Graham Coleman

Ladies Recurve Champion – Kath Brown

Gents Compound Champion John Tracey

Ladies Compound Champion Judith Martin

Most improved Archer – Peter Wiltshire


1997 Hereford Round

Gents Recurve Champion – Graham Coleman

Ladies Recurve Champion – Kath Brown

Gents Compound Champion – David Riggs

Presidents Cup – Peter Wiltshire


1998 Hereford Round

Gent Recurve Champion – Graham Coleman

Gents Compound Champion – David Riggs

Ladies Compound Champion – Judith Martin


1999 Outdoor Champion

Gents Recurve Champion – Peter Wiltshire

Gents Handicap – Peter Wiltshire

Ladies Compound Champion – Judith Martin


2000 Indoor Champion – Portsmouth Round

Gents Recurve – Brian Wells

Gents Recurve 2nd place – Peter Wiltshire

Ladies Recurve – Kath Brown

Gents Compound – Dave Riggs & Paul Davies

Ladies Compound – Helen Hawkins



The winners of our tournament were: –

Gents Compound: R. Witcher

Ladies Recurve: J. Summerhayes

Junior: R. Bertschinger



Trophy Ellis – Smith presented to Peter Wiltshire


Indoor shoot winners

Gents Compound: R. Lewis

Ladies Recurve: B. Fenton-Wilkinson

Junior: B. Summerhayes


Winter 2011/12

Girls Under 18 Recurve: C. Askill 3rd

Boys Under 16 Recurve: B. Lewers 6th

Boys Under 18 Recurve: R. Kitts 7th

Boys Under 12 Recurve: J. Bailey 2nd

Boys Under 12 Recurve: C. Mcgregor 3rd


Winter 2012/13

Girls Under 18 Recurve: C. Askill 1st

Boys Under 18 Recurve: B. Lewers 7th

Boys Under 12 Recurve: C. Mcgregor 4th


Year 2013/14 we did not run a tournament but did present trophies to members.